Our Mission

Mirahomes’ Mission
We have integrated Design and Building to create a streamline process that is all inclusive. With our approach, budget to a designer has a real meaning and not considered at the end of the design/planning stage. This assures that we can generate an uncompromising plan that would be buildable.
• We discover and draw energy from the particular commercial and domestic elegance of each site, be it urban or suburban, capture the views, orient works to harness the sun, and fit the topography to arrive at the best carbon footprint for each project.
• The building form arrived at, is a result of the functional relationship of various spaces, i.e. proximity of garage to kitchen, dining to nook, separation of public and private spaces. Our creations have a tour de force texture, richness, sensuality, and scale that is welcoming, comfortable, and anything but predictable.
• Tectonics is at the heart of every building venture and it’s the responsibility of our firm to detail alluring aesthetics, that are clearly buildable and economically feasible. The design models set forth are time-proven which create sophisticated elegance with fuss-free interiors. Art and furnishings are extensions as well as reflections of the clients and are considered as part of the design process and not an afterthought. Color and material palette of soothing neutrals or contrasting light molding and dark trim accentuate sumptuous space, creating a sense of comfort. Our ultimate aim is to provide a professional service that creates a project with enduring quality which suites the daily needs and aesthetic wishes of our clients on schedule and budget.